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Movers and shakers
for wisdom in the workplace.


Wisdom 2.0 Breakout 2016 “Yin & Yang: A Leadership Dance”

We inspire, unify and engage people in the wisdom movement.
~ Monique Martineau, Founder & Ambassador


Who are we?

We are professionals who are passionate about leadership, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, embodiment, and well-being in the workplace. Our purpose aligns with Wisdom 2.0 and other organizations who advocate for “the wisdom movement.”


What do we do?

We provide coaches, consultants and speakers who promote wisdom in the workplace by

Retreat Group 9-26-15

Wizmo Retreat 2015 ~ Champions of The Wisdom Movement

  1. sharing inspiring news of wisdom practices among leading organizations, and
  2. providing valuable tools and practices for professionals.

Visit our Ambassadors page for a list of professionals who support a variety of needs from consulting and coaching to facilitating team meetings and conference workshops. (See Wisdom 2.0 example.)

We serve the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.


Guiding Principles

  • Wisdom — We evoke wisdom and consciousness in all we do.
  • Altruism — We come together as force for greater good.
  • Mindfulness — We communicate and act with presence, compassion and forgiveness.
  • Respect — We respect each other.
  • Trust — We do our part and trust life.


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Get involved

Would you like to partner with us on this important endeavor? Plz contact monique@moniquemartineau.com.


P.S.  “Wizmo” is our nickname.